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Focus Film Festival 2023 Registration


It’s that time of year again! The Focus Film Festival will be holding its annual guerrilla filmmaking competition. We are pleased to be able to offer you an in-person festival.


Any questions you may have about the festival or this application form can be emailed to If you require a bursary for the participation fee, please fill out the AMS Individual Bursary Form and email us so we can reserve your spot! 

Registration for the film festival requires $30 non-refundable participation fee. By paying for registration, you are officially a participant of the 2023 Focus Film Festival!

In a heated discussion, do you
Do you consider yourself as:
Are you an idea person? Select an option
In a team you usually take the lead:
When faced with a problem, instead of becoming discouraged, you immediately look for a solution:

Thank you for registering!

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